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Hundreds of Wales affected by climate change fell down from the mountains

After an awesome video scene comes to normal, people around the world are severely humbling on Climate Change (Climate Change) in Arctic and Antarctic.

In this video Wales and Cline can be seen falling down from the top of the mountain. Although it needs to be considered further, experts have described one possible reason for it. On the one hand, the snow is getting over in the area, and if the second wallet is out of the water, it does not look better, and they are being worried or confused, where the mountains and the tails are not going to climb.

Then, in return, they are slipping down their peaks with their own innings, and have been killed and many such incidents have been seen so far. Sir David Einstein, a global expert of wildlife and environmental, said that it is very strange and horrific that Wallers are going to the altar and are injured or killed or injured due to unusual and naked rocks. Due to the snow coming back, his feelings have come to an end, how much he has reached the height of retreat.

Hundreds of Wales affected by climate change

Underwater Wales looks good but their eyes are not right when they come out. However they keep the feelings of other colleagues and turn back to sea again to hunger. Now, in the same rage, they are falling from the mountains, “said David Eighton Bureau.

David Einstein Bravo believes that Walers generally do not go so far and that is why perhaps hundreds of Wales will have fallen dead. This has happened because after the hunting and eating the Wales relax on the pieces of snow. Now with climate change, they are now turning towards the mountains and niggling peaks after the snow is reduced.

The World WWF has also confirmed the same statement and has said that seals, and walers are rapidly turning towards the mountains or mountains due to the melting of ice. Wallers are sensitive animals, and it also leads to anxiety spreading anxiety, which is a dangerous order.

It is clear that Walers’ couples mix on ice and give birth to their children too. Experts have already told the destruction of the snowy bears of the North Pole. The polar ice melting white bears is very inconvenient, and they are also suffering from many problems, including hunger.

Even more worried is that Wales can not be accustomed to living on the mountains in any way and they will become more difficult to eliminate sea ice.


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