Bring In Some Extra Money With Technical Skills


Everybody could use some surplus money, especially in hard times. Maybe the bills were a bit more than you’d anticipated this month or perhaps you’re attempting to raise some starter cash for your own online startup or business or perhaps you just need to figure out how to ramp up your existing business.
Make an e-book: all right, you’re thought is – everyone and his father are doing this these days. However, why? Because it works. If you’re well-educated about a certain topic, e.g., how to weather coat a deck, power wash a house, give up smoking, make doll apparel – whatever it is, author a book about it.

A Bit Extra
Freelancers are a forward-looking lot. All the same, almost every day I get questions from those who find it difficult to make a sustainable living. I ascribe most of this to some people’s inability to think differently.

There are a lot of ways to make income as a freelance person that I keep a file of thoughts. While I seldom find myself without a project on my desk, when work gets scarce, I go through this file to perk up the brain cells. Today I’ll share the ideas with you.
This might call for a bit of up front work, however may bring in dollars for a long time to come. There are so many web sites in painful need of great copy that all you have to do is switch on your computer to turn one up. All the same, the key is to target those who are willing to compensate for your services.

An acquaintance of mine knows an apothecary who made a skin care product. The product is distributed across the country through independent distributors. My acquaintance told me to check over the site to see if it was a product I’d be interested in trying out.
When I got to the site, I instantly forgot about why I was supposed to be viewing the web site. How come? The grammar, artwork and layout were atrocious; particularly the grammar! I rewrote the home page and sent it off to the webmaster with a courteous note stating
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Bring In Some Extra Money With Technical Skills

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that I’d be happy to remake the entire site for $x. Inside a few days we came to terms and I got the job. You are able to do this also.
Professionals are a good target market for freelancers. Mortgage companies, insurance companies, lawn care suppliers, and so forth. Most have sites – and a lot of them are not very good. So, edit/rescript a page and send it to them with a proposition to do the whole web site.
Commonly, if they use you once, they’ll continue to do so for years to come. Offer to add each week, each month, every quarter, and etcetera. Add articles to the site to step-up traffic. A lot of small business owners are so busy that they don’t think or understand how to do this type of marketing. Call attention to the advantages and watch your customer list grow.
Consider the content for each page. For instance, you are able to go into company history on the “About Us” page, but you can likewise mention that your company has x years of experience on the home page, also. You are able to bullet your services on the home page and then go into detail about them on the “Services” page. Jot down some points for the content of each page. Decide where you want particular tidbits to be highlighted so each page isn’t repetitious.

Add a little SEO. Do some research on the net to determine what keywords are “red-hot” for the industry. If the company, for instance, makes kitchen cabinets, you might want to include terms like “kitchen
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remodeling” “kitchen cabinets” and “kitchen cabinetry” to name some. It’s likewise a good idea to provide a regional aspect for individuals seeking the business locally. For instance, “kitchen cabinet maker in AZ” and “kitchen cabinets AZ” are good terms to work into the copy.
Utilize an attention-grabbing headline for each page. Rather than “Cabinet Makers” you may try something like “Distinctive Cabinets for Custom Kitchens.” When you get into the “core,” remember to talk to your specified audience.
Will you refer to the customer directly? No one truly cares about the content unless it offers them something. Rather than bragging about why the company is the best, or presenting a history of kitchen cabinets it’s beneficial to keep in mind that you need to explain the advantages of what the company has to offer. What can Joe Blow get out of the site, and why should he pick this company to build his cabinets?

I always end each page with an easy “call to action.” For instance, “Are you ready to discover how you are able to have the kitchen of your dreams? Contact us at (phone) or email us at (e-mail).” You get the idea. The goal is to drive the reader to take action.
Authoring e-books is simple – it may be done in as little as twentyfour hours – and you can offer it for sale on a web site like Click Bank
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or Commission Junction. Think though, most individuals look to the net for info. And, “how to” info is among the most popular forms.
So, squeeze your brain for what you like to do, author an e-book about it and sell it thru a major distributor like Click Bank. One book likely won’t make you rich, but it may bring in extra cash for a long time to come. The most beneficial part about this idea, once you make one e-book, you are able to make others and truly build your income to the point where you are able to quit your awful day job.

Think about your target audience, your book’s advantages to them, its core, and center like a laser on that. It might seem to you that just everybody’ will want to read your book – but that idea may make your book too ‘generalized’. Remember, if you center your efforts on a particular topic instead of generalizing you’ll appeal powerfully to a certain audience and reap more possible sales. It’s rather like centering on a puddle rather than an ocean.
Get to Understand your target readers; what troubles might your book resolve for them? Where is your book purchasing audience? Try to author a title that includes your audience in it. If not there, then maybe in the sub-title?

You have to be author and promoter, so write and make your sales info about your book as you author your book. Collect data about yourself for your author blurb (whatever qualifies you to author the book, maybe other publishing credits, any experience that’s a plus),
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